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Social Media & Invasion of Privacy

If you are, or are thinking about checking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media sites to learn about job applicants or employees you need to read the Guidelines for the Use of Social Media for Background Checks released … Continue reading

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World Business Forum – Executive Summaries

The World Business Forum provides Executive Summaries from the presentations provided by speakers each year.   The Executive Summaries for both the 2010  and 2011 Forums are available on my website, the link for which follows:

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Work Satisfaction, Money & Changing Jobs

Work Satisfaction, Money and Changing Jobs The Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counseling (CERIC) recently sponsored an online perceptions career development and the workplace survey undertaken by Environics Research.  Some interesting survey results: 81% of Canadians are generally satisfied … Continue reading

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More than one-half of Canadians work when sick

From: While cold and flu season is expected to hold steady throughout March, Canadians are as reluctant as ever to take a sick day, according to a survey released by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a division of Johnson & Johnson … Continue reading

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Four Things to Consider Once Your Company Opens Up Social Media Access

As the percentage of companies allowing access to social networks grows, you need to realize there are strategic things related to social media that you’ll need to figure out as a progressive HR pro.

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Big Changes Affect Background Check Landscape

Developments on two fronts could affect how HR departments vet job candidates: • Virtual vault now open. What happens online doesn’t stay online—at least not anymore. A Santa Barbara, Calif., start-up has launched a screening and monitoring service that scours … Continue reading

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The newest Truant Officials!

In the December 6 edition of Bloomberg Businessweek there is an interesting article written by Eric Spitznagel about the corporate response to the numbers of people playing hooky from work. Apparently there is a rapidly growing business line for private … Continue reading

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