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Anne holds a BA (Sociology) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)and a certificate in Human Resource Management.  She also holds Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designations and . . . . . .  Anne continues to engage in ongoing training to remain at the top of her field. She is practical, realistic, highly analytic, and creative.    Anne is also a Sessional Instructor in the Bachelor of Business Administration Continuing Education department at Mount Royal University. Anne is unique in her ability to see the broad scope vision of the business owner, determine what is required to reach that goal and, then design the appropriate Human Resource Management processes.

Job Vacancies in Alberta

The Job Vacancy Rate is determined by the presence of three specific factors: There is a specific job; The work could start within 30 days, and; The employer is actively seeking employees from outside the company. Statistics Canada maintains longer-term … Continue reading

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Mystique of Culture

Canadian culture is frequently seen in comparison to the US.  It is described as a more polite version of the American culture due to our penchant for saying I’m sorry, having some oddities to our language including the use of … Continue reading

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“The Times They Are A-Changin”

When thinking about this blog I googled this iconic 1960’s song because it seemed to be relevant for today.  It turns out Bob Dylan thought so too.  He has written a 2018 version. Lately I’ve been working with my friend … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Rates 2016

In 1914 Henry Ford, a known anti-socialist, anti-union industrialist did the unthinkable.  Henry doubled the wages paid to his auto manufacturing company employees. Henry Ford did that for two reasons: turnover was a problem in the industry and he needed … Continue reading

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The Talent Era

There are more than 50 million articles that include Talent in their search terms according to Google.  The articles include definitions and information about attracting, retaining and rewarding and, of course, the importance of engagement in maximizing the contribution Talent … Continue reading

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Remote Work and Productivity

In December a Financial Post Workplace Law column on Absenteeism indicated that Working From Home, Smoke Breaks and Stress Leave were, in the opinion of the writer, the three leading causes of lost productivity in 2015. Having Working From Home … Continue reading

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Leading in A Changing World

The future’s in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the wind of change – Wind of Change, The Scorpions (1990) Over the last three weeks I’ve been involved in a variety of events and conversations about leading … Continue reading

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