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Anne holds a BA (Sociology) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)and a certificate in Human Resource Management.  She also holds Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designations and . . . . . .  Anne continues to engage in ongoing training to remain at the top of her field. She is practical, realistic, highly analytic, and creative.    Anne is also a Sessional Instructor in the Bachelor of Business Administration Continuing Education department at Mount Royal University. Anne is unique in her ability to see the broad scope vision of the business owner, determine what is required to reach that goal and, then design the appropriate Human Resource Management processes.

The Costly Lesson

I recently heard a sad story about a skilled tradesman who agreed to do a project for a contractor.   The tradesman completed the work and then went to collect his pay.  The contractor was not there.  The tradesman went back … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Workforce

My best estimate is about 3.6 million ghosts in the void between Canada’s Labour Force and the Labour Force Participation Rate. They are the not still-in-school, retired, employed and unemployed members of the Labour Force. If we assume that 50% … Continue reading

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I’m Worth More Than This

That comment has been made so often in my HR career when people are frustrated with the amount of their pay or pay raises.  My response is always “of course YOU are worth more”.  The pay for this job is … Continue reading

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Alligators and Alienation

The following visual comparison of average weekly wages and CPI (proxy for cost of living) instantly made me think of “when you are up to your ass in alligators it is hard to remember ….” The differences in wages as … Continue reading

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Which Industries Pay Best? 

Statistics Canada tracks the average weekly wage for Canada, the provinces, and territories.  The data is tracked by Sector (Goods Producing and Services Producing) and by Industry using the North American Industry Classification System. The average weekly wages for Goods … Continue reading

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Canada’s Labour Force Participation

Canada’s labour force includes everyone who is 15 years of age and older.  Labour force participants are individuals who are employed or on EI and are actively seeking employment.  The major factors affecting Labour Force participation are economic conditions, the … Continue reading

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Labour Force Information for August 2019

  The August data was released September 6. Unemployment in Alberta is up 7.2% ( 7.0% July and 6.6% in June) for the third consecutive month and remains higher than it was last year over the summer months (2018 – … Continue reading

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