Global Business Conference 2

Global Business Forum

Inspiring Leaders – October 5 – 6, 2011  –Day 2

Day Two began with a Session on Managing People.

  • This lineup included: Patrick Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of A Team, Silos, Politics & Turf Wars, Getting Naked) who is best known for his expertise in what it takes to have highly effective teams;
  • Seth Godin (new age marketing guru, prolific  author (11 books) and entrepreneur)  who has embraced the digital era and who believes that individual (and leader)  success requires the ability to stand out through creativity, connection and engagement with others.
  • Tamara Erickson (consultant, author and researcher) talked about the generations at work and the need to navigate a multigenerational workplace; and what that workplace is going to be like.

Claudio Fernandez-Araoz,  known as one of the most influential search consultants in the world  (he is based in the Buenos  office of  Aires Egon Zehnder International – global search) talked about making great people decisions and what it entails.   He was warm, funny, intelligent and was able to make the 4000+ crowd feel like he was talking to a small group – an astonishing feat.  His years of research have identified  the best indicator of leadership  success  is Emotional Intelligence.    His take away comment which brought down the house:  The single greatest factor in career success “Luck”.

Jack Welch (Retiree,  Fortune Magazine’s Manager of the Century,  author and Most admired CEO in the World) talked about why creating winning organizations matters.   His latest book  (“Winning” which is co-authored with his wife Suzy who is a psychologist)  and the theme that ran through his discussion  talks about what it means to win and why building winning organizations matters.

The morning sessions finished with Gary Hamel (Wall Street Journal calls him the world’s most influential business thinker ; author of 4 books about management change) talking about management innovation which means stepping away from the power of the institution to the power of the individual.  An interesting conversation, particularly given that a couple of miles south of the conference center a group were (and are) protesting the misuse of power on Wall Street  and in government.

The afternoon began with  Alan Murray from the Wall Street Journal interviewing Robert Rubin (among other things he was the US Treasury Secretary under President Clinton)   and Martin Feldstein ( he was the Chief Economic Advisor to Reagan and head of the National Bureau of Economic Research (USA) about the current economic situation, what they see coming and what they think needs to happen to improve the global financial situation.   They both think nothing meaningful will change in the USuntil after the next Presidential election.    They both agree there is a new economic landscape.   I expect we all pretty much had that figured- the hard reality of globalization has hit home and now we really do have to figure out how to work collaboratively.  Howard Schultz commented during his discussion that John F. Kennedy had said “ No one will get ahead by leaving others behind”.  While this conversation was much more about changing tax structures , dysfunctional politics in the US, and how to stimulate the American economy, the underlying message in the conversation was just that:  People must work together in order to be successful.

Danial Lamarre (CEO Cirque de Soleil) talked about the importance of creativity and capturing people’s imaginations in creating passion in all aspects of life, including business.  A troupe of Cirque performers provided an exhilarating example of what can happen when that happens.

I skipped the last session of the day (it started at 5:30 p.m. because we had tickets for the theatre that night.  The play turned out to be pretty crummy despite having Bernadette Peters as the lead.  Both Steve and I wished that he had paid the hefty price to attend the Yankees game instead.  Especially Steve – he is a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan and they won that night which moved to the playoff series withTexas.

OH  –  the last session of the day was Bruno Ferrari (Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy ) His talk was titled Global and Regional Trends:Mexico’s Role in the North American Economy.  I’m pretty sure he had some interesting things to say. I’m pretty sure it would have been lost on me by that point – My mind was reeling (it still is) and I was much more suited to a ballgame (or poor play) by that point.

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